My husband asked me if that's new. If I didn't buy it today, the answer is "no".

Mesh Mesh $90.00Sale $60.00 Hamsa BraceletHamsa Bracelet$90.00Sale $60.00 Black Magic Evil EyeBlack Magic Evil Eye$120.00Sale $80.00 Friendship BraceletsFriendship Bracelets$50.00Sale $25.00 Sterling ProtectionSterling Protection$70.00Sale $50.00 Silver CuffSilver Cuff$120.00Sale $85.00 Rose and PearlRose and Pearl$60.00Sale $40.00 Opalete and Gold BallOpalete and Gold Ball$50.00Sale $30.00 Labs and Green AmethystLabs and Green Amethyst$120.00Sale $80.00 The JoelleThe Joelle$125.00Sale $110.00 Pearl and InitialPearl and Initial$50.00Sale $29.00 Genuine Fresh Water PearlsGenuine Fresh Water Pearls$75.00Sale $50.00 Red HamsaRed Hamsa$55.00Sale $30.00 Hamsa BraceletHamsa Bracelet$80.00Sale $50.00 Rainbow BraceletRainbow Bracelet$70.00Sale $50.00 Hematite Bracelet with Hamsa/Evil EyeHematite Bracelet with Hamsa/Evil Eye$60.00Sale $50.00 Smokey Quartz LongSmokey Quartz Long$210.00Sale $160.00 Peacock PearlsPeacock Pearls$75.00Sale $50.00 Sexy and SingleSexy and Single$65.00Sale $40.00 Good Luck RubyGood Luck Ruby$50.00Sale $45.00 Grey Pearls, Large CoinGrey Pearls, Large Coin$50.00Sale $40.00 Stretchy Pearl and HeartStretchy Pearl and Heart$30.00Sale $25.00 Stretchy Silver and HematiteStretchy Silver and Hematite$50.00Sale $30.00 The TrioThe Trio$110.00Sale $65.00 Labradorite Flower and Raw SapphireLabradorite Flower and Raw Sapphire$180.00Sale $140.00
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